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May 14, 2006

an arrangement of parts by ana; 9.129 words

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Firefly: Jayne/Simon.

Ana has written some of my favorite Firefly stories. This one is new to me, and totally charming as ever. Jayne and Simon are both wonderful, although I think this is a particularly good Simon in this. There are heists and build-up and snark, what more could you really ask for in a Firefly story. note: this is post Serenity.

An Arrangement of Parts

April 20, 2006

Assessment by Ana; 8.552 words

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Firefly: Simon/Jayne

This story broke me. I was in tears by the end. It’s amazing, my favorite story in the fandom by far but utterly, completely heartbreaking in that way where you know what’s going to happen and it’s inevitable but you just know that it should happen that way and that it wouldn’t be right with any other ending. Such a satisfying and emotional read. Jayne is so sympathetic in this and Simon is heartbreakingly rational.


Reconciliation by Liss; 5.613 words

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Firefly: Simon/Jayne.

A thoroughly detailed story that I really like.


Brought to Heel by Ana; 6.463 words

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Firefly: Mal/Jayne

Plotty, Jayne centric, light on the slash but such a fun read.

Brought to Heel

Right and Fifty Credits by Eleanor K; 5.789 words

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Firefly: Mal/Jayne.

Oh I love this story. Jayne comes on to Mal and it’s just fabulously perfect.

Right Fifty Credits

A Good Idea by Eleanor K; 10.028 words

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Firefly: Mal/Jayne.

I love it when authors decide to write about things that happened before canon kicks in. This story covers Jayne’s first weeks on Serenity. Mal is great here, and seeing his motivations is really awesome.

A Good Idea

Making Do by midnightblue; 1.795 words

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Firefly: Mal/Jayne.

porn porn porn. hot, quick and dirty.

Making Do

The Assets series by Kylie Lee; 21.841 words

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Firefly: Jayne/Simon

This was recced at just the right time for me. I was bored and feeling slightly dissatisfied with current fandoms. If you ever liked Jayne on the Firefly I really recommend reading Firefly fanfic. He’s such a great character, and fanfic lets people explore that a whole lot more.


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